AVAILABLE  FROM  BLACKSTAFF PRESS (,  POOLBEG PRESS (  and COIS LIFE ( Also  in  public libraries, Irish bookshops, the English Bookshop in Stockholm, and on  Amazon and Kindle.




                                     Blood and Water.  Dublin: Attic, 1988. (short stories)

                                    The Bray House.  Dublin: Attic, 1990. (novel)

Eating Women is Not Recommended.  Dublin: Attic, 1991.         (short stories)

Singles. Dublin: Basement Press, 1994. (novel published under               pseudonym, Elizabeth O’Hara)

                                   The Inland Ice. Belfast: Blackstaff, 1997. (short stories)

The Dancers Dancing. Belfast: Blackstaff, 1999; London:  Hodder Headline, 2001. (novel)

The Pale Gold of Alaska. Belfast: Blackstaff, 2000; London  Hodder Headline, 2001. (short stories)

Dúnmharú sa Daingean. Dublin: Clo Cois Life, 2000 (novel).

Midwife to the Fairies. New and Selected Stories. Cork, Attic Press, 2002.

Cailíní Beaga Ghleann na mBláth. Dublin: Cois Life, 2003 (novel).

Fox, Swallow, Scarecrow.  Belfast, Blackstaff, 2007;

Dún an Airgid, Dublin, Cois Life, 2008.

The Shelter of Neighbours.  Belfast, Blackstaff, 2012.   


Children's Fiction

                                       The Uncommon Cormorant.  Dublin: Poolbeg, 1990.


                                        Hugo and the Sunshine Girl.  Dublin: Poolbeg,  1991.

                                  The Hiring Fair. Dublin: Poolbeg, 1993.  (pseud. Elizabeth O’Hara)

                                        Blaeberry Sunday. Dublin: Poolbeg, 1994. (Elizabeth O’Hara)

                                        Penny Farthing Sally.  Dublin: Poolbeg, 1996. (Elizabeth O’Hara)

                                       The Sparkling Rain. Dublin, Poolbeg,  2002. (Elizabeth O’Hara)

                                        Hurlamaboc. Dublin, Cois Life, 2006.

    Dordán.  Dublin, Cois Life, 2010.

   Snobs, Dogs and Scobies. Dublin, Little Island, 2012.


Short Stories


Published in Irish Times, Irish Press, Sunday Independent, Image, Panurge, etc. from 1974 onwards.


Anthologized in:


Territories of the Voice. Ed Louise De Salvo. London: Virago,    1990.

Cosmopolis.  Ed. Inez Rieder. San Francisco: Kleis Press, 1990.

State of the Art.  Ed. David Marcus. London: Sceptre, 1992

Virgins and Hyacinth.  Ed Caroline Walsh. Dublin: Attic, 1993.

The Picador Book of Irish Fiction.  Ed. Dermot Bolger.                 London: Picador, 1993.

Best Short Stories 1986.  Ed. Giles Gordon, London,       Heinemann, 1986.

Blackstaff Book of Short Stories.  Belfast: Blackstaff, 1988.

Second Blackstaff Book of Short Stories. Belfast: Blackstaff,      1991.

Wildish Things.  Ed. Ailbhe Smyth, Dublin: Attic, 1989.

Ireland's Women; Writings Past and PresentEd, Katie Donovan, Dublin, Gill and Macmillan, 1994.

Irish Comic Writing. Ed Ferdia MacCana.  London: Michael        Joseph, 1995.

Frauen in Irland.  Munich: DTV, 1990.

Antologia della nuova Letteratura Irlandaise. Perugia, 1994.

Move Over Waxblinder. Ed. John Murray. Brampton,    England: Panurge, 1994.

The Irish Eros. Ed. David Marcus. Dublin: Gill, 1996.

A Part of Ourselves. Ed. Siobhan Parkinson. Dublin: Farmar,     1997.

Oxford Book of Ireland. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1998.

Phoenix Book of Irish Short Stories. Ed. David Marcus.                 London: Phoenix, 1998.

Kri in Voda. Antologija sodobnih irskih kratkih zgodb.  Ed.        Tina Kahkota. Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1998.

Ladies Night at Finbar's Hotel. Ed. Dermot Bolger. Dublin:        New Island Books/London, Picador, 1999.

Phoenix Book of Irish Short Stories. Ed. David Marcus.                 London, 2002.

Arrow in Flight: Irish short stories. Ed. Caroline Walsh,               Dublin/New York: Townhouse, 2002.

Faber Book of Irish Short Stories, ed. David Marcus. Faber, London, 2006.

Best European Short Stories, 2011. Illinois, Dalkey Archive Press, 2011.

Granta Book of Irish Short Stories, ed. Anne Enright. London, Granta, 2010.

Faber Book of New Irish Stories. Ed. Kevin Barry. London, Faber, 2013.

Also broadcast on BBC 3, BBC 4, RTE Radio 1, etc.



Dún na mBan trí Thine.   Performed by Amharclann de Hide, at              the Peacock, Dublin, November 1994 (Director Kathy            McArdle).

Milseog an tSamhraidh. Performed by Amharclann de Híde at                the  Sam Beckett Centre Trinity College, as part of            Dublin Theatre Festival October 1997 (Director Kathy                 McArdle).

Milseog an tSamhraidh.  Baile Atha Cliath: Cois Life, 1997 (2-   play volume).

The Nettle Spinner. Performed at the Peacock Theatre, Dublin,               January 1998.





Individual poems in Poetry Ireland, Cyphers, New Irish Writing (Irish Press and Sunday Tribune) and other publications (1980-present);


Mark My Words: meditations accompanying Alice Maher’s exhibition, The Night Garden.  Dublin, RHA, 2007.


Books in Translation


The Inland Ice.  German translation by Peperkorn Editions,      1999.

The Dancers Dancing.  German translation by Europaische      Verlagenstalt, Hamburg 2000.

Eating Women is Not Recommended. Italian translation by       Editions Teoria, Rome 1999.

Fox, Swallow, Scarecrow. Czech translation 2008.

The Hiring Fair. Japanese translation 2010.

Blaeberry Sunday. Japanese translation 2011.

Penny Farthing Sally. Japanese translation 2012.

Hurlamaboc. Scots Gaelic translation 2008.

Snobs, Dogs and Scobies. Engish translation of Hurlamaboc. 2011. 







Ed., Voices on the Wind. Women Poets of the Celtic Twilight. Dublin, New Island, 1996;

Ed., with Séamas Ó Catháin, The Viking Ale. Articles by Bo Almqvist. Aberystwyth, Boethius, 1991;

Ed., with Séamas Ó Catháin, Northern Lights, a Festschrift for Bo Almqvist. Dublin, UCD Press, 2001;

ed, WB Yeats. Works and Days. A Book to Accompany the Yeats Exhibition at the National Library. Dublin, National Library, 2006.



Select Articles


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c. 50  book reviews in The Irish Times; reviews also in The Sunday Tribune, The Times, Béaloideas, Inis, etc.